Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26th, 2015

This week a lot of good things happened, and friday we had interviews with President that went well, and also the ward had a huge baptism night of kids, 2 of which were convert baptisms from part member familys we helped to bring back to church. We also had a cool mormon helping hands project saturday with the stake we cleaned up some roads it was an absolute blast. Were still seeing progress with some investigators Jhon is way animated right now for baptism but struggling with commandments, were gonna have the baptism of the pita family real soon too.

I got to the end of the Book of the Mormon and spent a good time pondering on the last few verses of Moroni 10, 32-33. If we deny ourselves of all ungodliness and love God with all heart then we can be made perfect in Christ. I think thats one of the most powerful verses and themes about the Atonement of Christ, the fact that we can be perfected, we can undenibly know the power of God, we can be sanctified through accepting the blood of Christ. I know that it is true. Maybe sometimes we forget what God has done for us, or we can say He hasnt done enough to show me he exists. I cant prove he exists, Im not sure if he listens, if hes there. But verse 32 is way too clear. If we just try to love God and follow him, that will be followed by the clear manifestation of his power. All of that and a lot more is possible by the blood of Christ. Those are really bomb verses to study i recommend them. Well thats all for now.

 Love Elder Crisp

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  1. Hi there! Thank you for posting your son's letters. I just received a picture today from my son of the both of them. I zoomed in to see if I could get a name off of his tag and I did! I don't have a separate blog for Tanner, I post a few of his letter's on our family blog, but you are welcome to go and see the picture of our sons together at a zoo. Elder Brown isn't the most detail oriented guy when it comes to writing so the info I have about companions is pretty vague. I'd love to know more about where you all are from. It sounds like your son is about to come home. Tanner will be coming home next June. Thanks again! --the Brown's from Chandler Arizona!