Monday, August 10, 2015

August 3rd and August 10th, 2015

August 3, 2015

This week was cool we found quite a few new people to teach, and we had a ward mission activity that wasnt to big but we did meet some cool new people that member brought. It was way cool too, we invited this kid Moises hes 15 from the Bastidaz family to seminary, he went with a friend from church. Without even invting him again the next day, he showed up to seminary, ha hes a champ its sweet that he enjoyed it. That familys progressing well to be baptized this month, but the dad no, hes opting to leave in the nights to drink instead of being there for our appts.

Reading about almas conversion in mosiah 27/28 this week shows really what it takes to be converted. He really showed he was sorry, and for that he was made clean. I was thinking about the term Im sorry, i think we use it a lot when we pray, thinking about what we can do improve. I looked up the word in the dictionary and in spanish it came up with the words Afflicted, Grieven, Regretful, Pained, Sorrowful, Upset. Now thats not really a term we can use so lightly...Its not easy to just say to God we feel bad, but to actually feel bad, sorry. God is the one that can really make us feel sorry.
Alma 5;7 Behold, he changed their hearts; yea, he awakened themout of a deep sleep.
God is the one that changes our hearts, thats something we cant do on our own. So we have to go to him, not to say were sorry, but so he can make us feel sorry.

A couple weeks ago i walked in wet cement and now i will have a mark forever in that corner of children will pass by there and say wow my daddy was a hard worker that wouldnt even let wet cement get in his way. I hope you can all appreciate the piece of history that i made

Elder Crisp

August 10, 2015

We had another delicious week here in bellavista. We ate some animal or something called Guatusa im still not quite sure what it is if someone can please tell me what I ate. That was cool. We have the Family Bastidas still progressing well towards baptism, except the dad, but hes still moving more or less. Moises whos 15 goes to seminary every day, thats a super good tool. Weve met a couple people super bomb who have found a bunch of interest in the Book of Mormon thats seriously the best tool we have. Theres this guys Johnathan who, even though works and studys every day from 4am till 11pm, and the weekends visits his family about 3 hours away, read everything we gave him, a couple pamphlets with all the scripture references from the Bible and The book of mormon, and the testimonies of the book, and the first couple chapters of nephi. From what he had read, he was able to pray and knows without a doubt he says that its all true, that he wants to follow the path God has given us. We can only visit him Sundays at nights, but he was able to do all that on his own. Ive never seen someone find so much interest in the Book of Mormon, but it goes to show what God can do for us if we just try. Were gonna see what we can do to get him baptized, itll probly be where hes from. It was still cool to see how quickly he came to that point.

Being here in the mission, I have seen the mercy of Jesus Christ, I have seen how the Atonement saves us, I have seen how we can not only change our actions but who we are. I have seen how as we excercise faith unto repentance the plan of redemption IMMEDIATELY takes effect (Alma 34:31). There is no greater joy than to know we can repent and change. The pain we feel, or may choose to ignore, from sin comes from God, and is removed only by applying the sacrifice of Christ. The Restored Gospel is so true, the Preisthood is found here on earth its not just a Mormon urban legend, it is Gods power. The Atonement works and brings so much peace, its not just a cute little fairytale 11 dudes made up 2000 years ago. It is our salvation. Its all true, so many people will try to deny or even attack these truths but I know that God does live, that he has established his kingdom. and that the Lord wants to forgive, anybody who is willing to be humble. Im super greatful to be able to know these things.

With love,
Elder Crisp

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