Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24th, 2015

What it do. All is well out here, were thrusting that sickle you feel me, making it happen. its been kinda frustrating but kinda funny with the dad of the bastidas family, hes been getting in the way of the family progression....he pulled the "catholic card" which is to just say "Im catholic" to avoid having to do anything. His wife wants to get baptized but they need to get married, but he says "im catholic, I cant". I think you can do that with about anything. "Mom, I cant do the dishes, im Catholic".But ya saturday night we talked with him and had literally the most rediculous conversation Ive ever heard in my life. He says, Im gonna be sincere, Ive tried to accept what you guys teach, but its not staying in my mind. When I think of "Dioscito" (Like to say my little buddy God) all that comes to my mind is Moses. I can only believe in Moses, thats what ive been taught, thats why I named my son Moises. No matter what I try I cant put the name Smith instead of Moses. Haha it was the strangest doubt ive seen. We helped him to realize that hes super foolish, that if thats really the case then he should consider turning Jewish. That nobody ever told him to try to put any name in his head besides Christ. That led us to share the scriptue from john 14 that says he is the way, the light and the life and the truth something like that. The man realized that ya he should strive to follow christ and it led perfectly to the scriptue from 2 nephi 31 that says can we follow christ unless were willing to keep his commandments. The whole family says yes that want to, but its kinda difficult to help them to have that stick in their mind. They go to church, all but the dad, so I feel like the whole theme of my time in this sector is that Mens hearts are failing them, Ive taught super good families, but havent been able to help them keep progressing thanks to the fathers of the families being apathetic about anything to do with responsablitity. So with Pedro all I want is to not lose him nor his family cause theyre way super dope, were trying to teach like what Pres. Marion Romney said, not just so they understand, but so that theres no way they can misunderstand.
I was listening to a talk from President Nelson called let your faith show, and he talks a little about how we need to be sincere always. He says how there should be no such thing as "my private life" or "my best behaviour". He says "If one trys to segment his life into seperate compartments, hell never rise to the full stature of his integrity. Never to become all that his true self could be." That is definitely something that I for one have had to foucs on, is being the same person in all places, I think we all can. Not at all was I good at that before my mission, but really its easy to see how much more chipper it is to live being who you are always if that makes sense. Theres no way to share the gospel if we have to seperate our life into compartments depending in who we are.

Lets go get em at school, leaving on the mission, at work. This week is pretty exciting no, Im way pumped to see my little Ben leave, enjoy your last week haha. Have a good one all.
Elder Crisp

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