Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17th, 2015

The Bastidas family passed their interviews, so Moises and Gabriela can get baptized this saturday, but we have to get their parents married for the mom Lourdes to get baptized (were still trying to get the dad to come to church), its not gonna happen until at least next week, but they do want to get married now. They obviously want to get baptized together so were gonna help them prepare a little more and get baptized by the end of this month. Yesterday was ward conference and a bunch of less actives showed up, we had quite a few investigators in church it was cool. Its very probable that this is my last week here in Quevedo since Elder Alvarado in finishing his training. I feel like Its been really quick here but all the members are starting to say ive been here forever and that they want me out. haha no just kidding. No but Ive learned a lot about patience here, and Ive grown also a lot in my testimony. Mostly my testomony of the Savior and his perfect example and marvelous role in our lives. I think we can reflect a lot more on his sacrifice, and how much faith we have in him. Theres no better way to understand that than to change ourselves everyday, every single day repent and become better. Through repentance, Ive realized, we come to know that all the tesimonies we read in the new testament, the book of mormon, and words of modern prophets are true about Christ, that he really can and will save us. I remember the words of Elder Uceda who told us simply, Repentance is sweet. It true. The mission is the best, I love waking up and having nothing to do but to study the scriptures till we go out and get to work on the dusty streets of Quevedo with all the dusty people doing their dusty things. Its the best.

Ya till next time,
Elder Crisp

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