Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9th, 2015

Its been a good week, just putting in work and whatnot. Me and the other gringo from the branch Elder connolly have been teaching classes of English and its pretty fun, quite a few people are coming and im learning how much that language doesnt make sense. I think were gonna get a bunch of investigators going there, apart from that were still working with the same people basically, seeing some progress. My companion elder Gonzalez has 4 weeks left and hes ready to go but were gonna keep working and get some baptisms before hes goes out.

Presidente Riggins came to our sacrament and spoke it was pretty cool. We ha ve a goal to turn this district into a stake cause its pretty close. So he shared the prayer that Jesus gave in John 17 . He prays in vrs 22, that his disciples may one, just as himslef and God are one. Thinking about how one of the last things Christ supplicated of God in his life was that we, as his disciples can be united. Can we get along. Can we support one another. Can we truly love one another. That we can really be a Zion, with one heart one mind. Thats what our leader wants of us. How sad it is to see fallen away members, like the thousands here, from other members' actions. Christ prayed for that specifically. Remember that before you offend someone or get offended. After, we taught the gospel principles class on the Spirit, to a few recent converts, a couple investigators, and the mission presidents wife. Haha it was really intresting. But ya so everything's going well out here , the "really hot during the day, and pouring rain at night" season is here its a blast.

Elder Crisp

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