Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14th, 2015

I feel really good here in Duran, we've had a really good time this week talking with everybody here. Whats intersting about this mission is that even though by distance its not that big, only about 4 hours from one limit to the other, there is a notable difference in the people in every place ive been. Im super close to my first ward so ill prolly be going over there for exchanges. The people here are way super open to us, they remind me a lot of my first sector, i think i took that for granted when i was just starting the mission, talking like i had a sock in my mouth. So I enjoyed meeting a bunch of people this week, weve taught a lot, theres a bunch of member families that are incomplete.

A huge impression I had while teaching the plan of salvation a couple times was how clear and logical and perfect it is. All the principles, about the creation, the fall, the atonement, and judgement, are not at all new to me, but as we explained them to a family of less actives and a family of investigators there were some points that just clicked if that makes sense. But ya Christs suffering doesnt purify us against our will. His pronouncement 'Here I am, send me' wasnt the end. The way to our agency and personal accountablility to accept the atonement is to make and keep covenants with the lord, nothing more. God put the authority to do so in His church. So trying some other way doesnt work any better than trying to ressurrect our own dead bodies. Trying to repent without making or renewing a covenant doesnt work. or making some church in your garage doesnt work. There wont be any excuse good enough for coming up short when we are taken before God. Im grateful for the knowledge and testimony that God has given me of His Son, His plan, and His truth. I love you all,

Elder Crisp

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