Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th, 2015

It was another good week, I didnt have any kidney stones so that was good. We continue in this struggle to find families who are married or at least want to get married. Its amazing how difficult it is. Like I was saying we have one family the fam Sandoval who are married but not happily. Satans definitely winning the battle there, they fight a lot and the husbands a little bit lazy...the wife Siria said shes completely given up on him, she doesnt love him. Its really sad but she at least is really committed and willing to be follow Christ. Her and 2 of her kids came to church and shes really happy there, well see if this or the next week shell be baptized with those two.
Apart from that we still have Ruth. Shes super great, we gained a lot of trust with her this week and she opened up, everything from her past. She had been involved in a super bad drunk driving accident and almost died. I thought before she had had a stroke cause half her face is disfigured but its because of that accident. So she was living up in Quito, she had been down about some stuff in her life, and a good friend of hers told her theres some light at the end of the tunnel that you can find. And that inspired her to move back here, 3 months ago. She said when we contacted she felt that that was the light she wanted....after the first lesson we had she called that friend from quito, said 'hey so Im listening to these two mormon boys and I feel really good and I feel like this is the light you told me about, theyre talking about baptism, what do you think' the friend was like are you dumb, Yes get baptized! That was a super sweet story to hear, and really I know she was chosen and we were led there. The thing is I think she has some people trying to influence her away right now, she has a mom and sister involved with another church. We were able to see her the last 3 days of the week, and she couldnt come to church. She needs a lot of prayers, shes way to golden to be led away like that. But ya weve got some really cool investigators for right now.

Sorry I still dont got pictures cause my camara cord was left in my last house, its now in the hands of the mission pouch system which is by no means reliable so well see if ill ever have it. And just so you guys know how bad I am at making decisions my toe still isnt doing that great and I played soccer with it today. You stay classy San Diego

Elder Crisp

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