Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24th, 2014

We didnt have much progress this week with our investigators but its still good. We have been teaching Luis Mario, the man we met by coincidence haha. Hes really awesome to teach, and he just accepts everything we say its funny. But the problem with him is hes not married, but has a wife and everything. She is pregnant and has been sick so he hasnt had a good oppurtunity to talk to her about getting married but hes all for it. We have been praying a lot for him and his family.

Another strong investigatior we have is a 12 year old his name is Luis Adrian, his cousin is a less active who we just got going back to church. He also is very receptive, the thing with him is his dad isnt too thrilled with us...we were worrying about that but we just found out his mom is a member too, less active, so i think well be good.

Yesterday was kind of bad, none of our investigators came to church because it was elections. Here voting is mandatory, and they all had to travel to different states to also we werent really able to teach them the whole day. Thats really the biggest problem we have is getting people to church, its at 8 o clock and people never wake up haha. Its true here too what ethan said about mexicans how they were always late. More than half the ward doesnt come until after the sacrament its kind of funny.

Something funny the other day, sometimes well ask people were contacting or investigators how old they think we are. This man the other day guessed that i was 35! haha. I hope that you all have a good week!
Love, Elder Crisp

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