Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17th, 2014

I am getting happier and happier to be here every week, I am really starting to love my mission. Every day im more and more comfortable speaking the language and talking to people, and this week Ive been able to listen to the spirit way better. I think before all my thoughts while walking were about how much i dont know or whatever, but lately ive been able to forget all that and just listen, its cool. Not much happened this week, we found out 2 brothers that had dates were hiding from us so that was kind of annoying, and our other 5 people with dates didnt come to church so we dont have them anymore. But we were able to baptize one, his names Ronny. Hes the brother of the girl we baptized my first week, and hes definitely my favorite convert so far. Hes a g. Im really happy for him that was the highlight of the week.

I got a scripture from Alma in 14:26 I think, its a prayer from Alma that says make our afflictions go away, bless us with strength according to our faith. Me thinks thats a neat little scripture, it applies a lot to the work cause we definitely need strength, but first is faith, the more faith we have through trials the more well be rewarded. I hope yalls haves goods week. Give the missionaries some names theyll like you. haha. Peace.

Love, Elder Crisp

1. Ronnys Baptism
2. A cute little pizza party

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